PDF pen for Mac

Screen Shot 2016-04-12 at 12.23.50 PM PDF-Pen is available in the App Store.

It seems to be a must have tool for Academics because:

  • It does Optical Character Recognition, therefore pictures of text can be converted into words you can use and proofread for accuracy.
  • PDF’s can be converted into Word format (.dc and .dox) for easy editing and sharing.
  • The text in the PDF can be selected and edited, therefore editing a PDF on your Mac is easier than ever before.
  • Documents can be signed by dragging and dropping an image of a signature into a document, or by using the mouse or trackpad to scribble your signature. Therefore, documents can be signed, sealed, and delivered with no fax machine needed.
  • Documents can be hared in iCloud Drive or Dropbox for seamless editing with the PDF pen for iPad and iPhone.
  • For iCloud, the App Store version is needed.


Use the PDF pen to:

  • sign forms
  • insert page numbers
  • highlight and underscore text
  • add text, images and signatures to PDF
  • move, resize, copy and delete images in the original PDF
  • copy and paste rich text, including columns
  • use on scanned documents and pages
  • scan directly from Image capture scanners
  • adjust resolution, colour depth, contrasts, skew, and sixe of an image
  • sensitive for popup-menus
  • edit quickly
  • print notes and comments with or without original text
  • print list of annotations along with the document
  • add (and print) notes and comments
  • fill out and sign interactive PDFs
  • apply business related stamps
  • reorder and delete pages
  • combine PDFs
  • automate manipulations
  • save PDFs to Evernote

Redact personal information by:

  • redact or erase text
  • password protect documents

For now, I have downloaded the FREE TRIAL version from the developer’s website. There is no time frame, they just add a logo to the saved documents. Will add to wish list if I love this app.

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